Baby-blogger first words.

(WARNING: This may the most scrambled thoughts you’ll ever read, I hope it does not offend anyone it is not my intention to do so!)

I admit, it was definitely NOT easy for me to start blogging. The idea of expressing my thoughts out loud is scary. But I knew that this is the best way for me to grow and learn more. And here I am, today, at the age of twenty, sharing with the world, my first blog ever (which probably no one will read, or at least I’m counting on that hihi!).

Here’s a nice story: When I was in elementary and middle school I used to be an excellent student, always first in my class, teachers all over the town new my name. One day, during fourth grade; my family started to crack, and it affected me. Afterwards, I didn’t come first, I came fourth in my class. And let’s just say that I didn’t take it well. I felt left behind, ashamed, a disappointment and countless other bad feelings. It was the first time in my life feeling like a failure (but it was far from being the last). To help me go through that seemingly tragedy of mine, my mom told me something I’ll never forget; she said: “Sometimes we need to move backwards in order to get further ahead, think of it as throwing a ball; the more you move your hand backwards the further the ball will get”

Most of us have been told that success is like climbing a mountain, maybe it is, but life isn’t just one success. If success is like climbing a mountain, life is a roller-coaster. Ups and downs are inevitable, some days we succeed, other days we fail. Success isn’t final neither is failure.  Nothing in life is final until we die.

I’ve had my share of failures, and now I’ll build my way up again. It won’t be easy, I’m sure of this. But another thing I am sure of is that I was born to succeed because I am not scared of failing anymore. I guess I’ve been vaccinated in fourth grade. ☺

This blogpost is first a reminder to myself and then to everyone who comes across it. It is okay to fail sometimes, it is okay to move backwards and to think about giving up everything. What’s not okay is to stay back for too long. Because like I said; nothing in life is final except death.

So, as long as we’re still breathing, let’s live it ti the fullest, both ups and downs.

“It is life’s job to knock you down, and it is YOUR job to get back up. Life is doing its part, why aren’t you doing yours?” This is something I always tell myself to get me back on my feet.

I have definitely not the easiest life on earth nor the most favorable circumstances (actually, my circumstances are everything EXCEPT favorable) but I am done living up to my environment and people’s expectations. And you should be too.

Thanks for reading ☺


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