The Conspiracy Against Islam

Growing up, I’ve heard this statement more than enough to believe that Islam will never see bright eras again because of the conspiracy held against it by the leader states in the world. I won’t deny that there’s a conspiracy, it would be foolish to do so since we live in an era where one random, disturbed person with an Arab name, commits a murder and the entire population, culture and ideology of Islam are blamed for it!

But what bothers me is when muslims blame this conspiracy for failing in life, for not getting ahead in sciences, technology, politics…the list goes on. People are even blaming this conspiracy for failing at school!

The truth is that this conspiracy is only effective IF we allow it to be. Now what does that mean? To better illustrate this let me give you a parallel situation: Imagine you have a land, and you want to plant corn in your land. One general rule about farming is that you have to put out a great deal of effort, attention and constant care into your land and you must reap off noxious plants continually, for they will keep on growing back. Otherwise, you will end up with a poor quality product, if any!

Conspiracy against Islam is like that noxious weed, the only reason is keeps on growing roots in societies is because WE are doing nothing, and I mean NOTHING!

We are not developing our own technology because we think that advanced countries are monopolizing it. We don’t seek economic independence because we believe that it won’t be given to us. We are not evolving in knowledge nor education because we’re told that it must come from outside.

For some reason, we are waiting for something to happen so we can get better, we are waiting for someone to give us something that we need. And this goes beyond the borders of religion and/or politics. In everyday life, we all have that attitude. اننا مظلومين.

It has always been said: “Do not ask the tyrants why they oppressed, but rather ask the slaves why they knelt”. This sums up the whole idea. No one will ever give anything, you must go out and get it yourself.

Please know that I am not -by any mean- calling to a revolution against your government or anything along those lines -اعوذ بالله-! But I will say that this excuse of “conspiracy against Islam” is not valid. If you want proof, let’s look back at the history of Islam: The Prophet -صلى الله عليه وسلم- a man against an entire nation, where’s the conspiracy in this scenario? I am not advocating that there wasn’t any, of course there have been a conspiracy -multiple ones actually- to either kill the Prophet -صلى الله عليه وسلم- or to show to the world that the Quraan is a work of witchcraft…the people of Qoraish would think of anything just to stop the spreading of Islam. But did it work? If it did we won’t be fasting today!

Let’s internalize that for a moment; one single man, decided to speak the truth and to stand against the entire nation and government on his own, having only his faith and the word of Allah swt.

There may be a conspiracy against Islam but NO conspiracy is strong enough to stand against the word of Allah, no conspiracy can be held against the ultimate truth. If this happens -and it is happening- it is because we are neglecting and disregarding our role in the world. Islam is the religion of peace, enlightenment and evolution.

Allah swt created us not just to consume but to work, build and prosper. I’ve heard an Ayah a few years ago and didn’t fully understand the meaning until lately: “و كل انسان الزمناه طائره في عنقه و نخرج له يوم القيامة كتابا يلقاه منشورا” -13 الاسراء.  We each have a mission on this planet, your life is a waste if you don’t know what that is. And it is a failure if you’re not working towards accomplishing your task. Your dreams and goals aren’t really yours, they have been gifted to you by Allah, and you will be judged as to whether you have accomplished them or not.

Oustadh Nouman Ali Khan said “Muslims are supposed to be the best at what they do, a muslim student should be the best student, a muslim doctor should be the best in his field, no matter what you do, you do it the best you can”. Imagine if all muslims lived with this frame of mind, would there be any conspiracy affecting us? “Allah swt said: “و ان تصبروا و تتقوا لا يضركم كيدهم شيئا” -120 ال عمران.

“Conspiracy against Islam” is yet another excuse for not making efforts.We are lying to ourselves with this “victim” card that we pull out every time the need for work is required.

It is now in the hands of the youth to make a change, to work to our fullest potential in order to save this ummah from the so-called conspiracy. It is our duty to live a true, honest and unapologetic Islamic lifestyle.  Nothing will change until we make it.

Just like taking care of the land, it is a constant fight, a continuous effort. We are not meant to be idle in this world. I understand that it is hard, but the rewards are stupendous.

Start small, whatever you’re doing in your life keep on doing it, even if it is staying at home and taking care of your family, but do it with a purpose, strive for excellence. Be the best at what you do, don’t settle for mediocre results. Work hard and reclaim greatness. Then and only then will we do Islam justice.


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