Ramadan 1437 another golden ticket to Jannah, don’t lose it…

For some reason (that I’m gonna pretend to ignore) TV shows and drama series in Ramadan get really….provocative! (I’ve been thinking about the most respectful way to describe them, and this is the best I came up with!) This blog post, however, is not about bashing anyone’s work nor pointing fingers. My goal is to invite as much people as I can to get the most out of this divine opportunity.

Consider this: there’s someone you love, and this someone keeps messing up and disappointing you, and you keep forgiving them and giving them chances to improve and they’re still going to mess up… How long before you explode and give up on them? If you’re human… not too long!

Every single year Allah (SwT) gives us an opportunity of [30 DAYS LONG] and holds back all the shayateen to allow us to focus on bettering ourselves, purifying our souls, straightening our habits and strengthening our faith. How often do we get that?! How often do we get such an amazing merciful beautiful opportunity?! And we still mess up every year, by spending this golden sacred month, watching filthy TV shows and series, racing to make the best dishes and post them on social media, then spend the rest of the evening dancing and gossiping!

Now I need you to consider this: the countdown to your death, started the minute you were born. Each day that passes is another 24 hours closer to your death. Most of us, and especially the youth, tend to think that we still have time to repent, to get better.And we play this silly excuse tape in our minds over and over again “I’ll start praying someday, I’ll be better someday, I’ll quit wasting my time someday…” And we never do it! Try to answer this question honestly: when was the last time you procrastinated on something important and actually ended up doing it well? When was the last time you said “next Ramadan I’ll be better” ?

The fact that we made it to this Ramadan is a true miracle, even if we don’t see it. Most of us are going to spend it without a beloved someone, someone who was present last year and didn’t have the slightest idea that they would be gone this year. What more of a reminder do we need? What makes us think that we’re going to be here next year?

Another common excuse for wasting time on useless activities (if not destructive) is the famous saying: “well I know I’ll go back to my old habits afterwards”! You sure will since you’re planning to already!! Even if you do try your best during Ramadan and then get back to your old self the first day of Eid, I promise you, you will be different God Willing. Ramadan DOES leave an impact on people’s lives, whether you notice it or not. Furthermore, would it be better to give up without even trying just because it may or may not work? That’s not character productive, that’s exactly the set of mind that defines losers from winners.

Your job is not to succeed, your job is to make efforts, that’s the only thing that Allah (SwT) cares about, He doesn’t care about your background, where you come from nor what you did yesterday. The fact that you made it to Ramadan 1437, the fact that you woke up today, the fact that you’re reading these words right now is an indication that Allah wants you to do better, otherwise He wouldn’t have bothered giving you another shot.

So don’t waste it.

I pray Allah Azza wa djal to make us from those who use every minute of their day right, and to grant us the patience and help we need to get the most out of Ramadan this year. I pray that this blessed month brings us all peace, forgiveness and love. May you all spend it with the satisfaction of Allah (SwT) surrounded by your family and loved ones.

Ramadan Kareem ☺



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